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Golden Kiwi

GoldenTicketValid for a six-month period from your travel period start date, the Golden Kiwi can be used as a ticket on any Kiwi Regional Airlines flight, between any of our destinations, on a standby basis (i.e. if there are seats available at the close of check-in for that flight), with both 7kg cabin and 20kg checked-in baggage.

To purchase your ‘Golden Kiwi’ All You Can Fly Pass, please fill out the details below and deposit your payment of NZD$1,299.00 (incl. GST) into our bank account. For further details, please see below for full Golden Kiwi & Standby rules.

Golden Kiwi Air Pass Rules

Duration: The Pass shall be valid for a period of 6 calendar months from the opening date, which shall be agreed between the airline and the purchaser, and shall be printed on the Pass.

Number and price of passes: There will be a limited number of passes on issue at any one time, and the cost of each pass will be $1,299.00 incl. GST, payable prior to first use of the pass.

Use of passes: The pass will include the name and photograph of the nominated pass holder, and is available for use only by that person. For security reasons, the pass holder may be asked to produce additional photographic ID to verify the Golden Kiwi pass.

Entitlements of pass holders: The Golden Kiwi air pass enables the holder to use unlimited standby travel on any Kiwi Regional Airlines scheduled flight. Pass holders are entitled to one cabin bag up to 7kg in weight, plus checked-in luggage to a total weight of 20kg.

Standby procedure: Standby passengers are not guaranteed seats on a flight until check-in closes 20 minutes prior to departure of that flight. To use their Golden Kiwi air pass, holders must present themselves with their pass at check-in, which opens 60 minutes prior to departure. If seats are available at the close of check-in, standby passengers will be given seats in the order they have presented at check-in, up to the maximum number of seats available at that time.

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